Dominican Republic Powdered Chocolate

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Great in mochas, desserts, on ice cream, granola, etc.

Be the Chocorista at home or offices!

Bring 2oz of milk to boil and then whisk 1 tablespoon of chocolate until completely combined, add coffee and sugar as desired.


Bring 1 cup of milk or water to boil and then whisk 2 tablespoons of chocolate until completely combined, add sugar and cinnamon as desired.

Origin: Dominican Republic
Type: Trinitario
Description:  Our Dominican Republic cocoa beans come from a farm called Finca Elvesia. These beans are certified direct trade and we make sure we pay premium prices for these high quality beans in order to ensure fair trade practices and sustainability.
Notes:  A rich and bold chocolate with balanced earthy flavors and coffee notes.

72% Cocoa Organic Dark Chocolate
Size: 8oz (227g).

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72% Cocoa Dark Chocolate
Size: 8oz (227g).
Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Beans, Organic Cane Sugar.

+ Certified Organic
+ Vegan
+ Soy Free
+ Gluten Free