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Organic Dark Chocolate

Made with just two ingredients, each of our vegan chocolate bar is lovingly handcrafted to represent the natural flavors of their origin through simplicity and transparency using cocoa beans that have been mindfully sourced from small, sustainable farms, driven by high quality and fair practices.

Our Brazilian beans come from a small family estate in Bahia focused on producing high quality, fine flavor, organic cacao, which explains the deliciousness of this chocolate bar. In this estate workers are paid above average wages plus production equity incentives.

Dominican Republic

Our Dominican Republic cocoa beans come from the El Valle region. These beans are certified fair trade and we make sure we pay premium prices for these high quality beans in order to ensure fair trade practices and sustainability.


Our Madagascar beans come from a family estate in Sambirano Valley, where shelter and education is provided to the farmers. With such living conditions the result is a high quality and flavorful cocoa bean that promotes well-being and sustainability.


Our Peruvian beans come from a small farm in the Piura region represented by a Co-op that promotes high quality and fair practices. These amazing beans are certified fair trade and have won national and international awards.



Our Chocolate is all about transparency and simplicity
Bean to Bar

Our chocolate making happens in our small factory in San Diego, CA.
We handcraft our chocolate in small batches with the best quality trinitario and criollo cocoa beans that we can get our hands on. If you are a foodie you know how hard it is to find chocolate with a lot of chocolate. So we decided to make organic chocolate with just cocoa and a little bit of organic sugar…a chocolate satisfying enough that you could “Nibble” instead of gobble.
Our purpose is to remind you that real and sustainable food is also delicious…Nibblelicious!

  • 72% Cocoa = Dark
  • 77% Cocoa = Darker
  • 85% Cocoa = Darkest

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